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Any world which is beyond a reach always fascinates us and Metaverse brought us to the exploration and development solution.Our team with knack for creativity and coding have made us deliver multiple projects based on the concept which we say a parallel universe. From 3d models to virtual world and applications to platforms Grey MatterZ delivers it all.

Grey MatterZ

Support We Offer to Metaverse Development Solutions & Project

  • Network
    Every metaverse development platform project is hosted on the network that not only is secure but also supports high bandwidth, offer facility to transmit data keeping the real time connection intact.
  • Interoperability
    Our developers keep up with the standard of image, video, text, 3D scene, item and vectors to maintain the interoperability between elements in the virtual world.
  • Programming
    Team makes sure that the front to back end development codes are error free. The standards of languages are not compromised and hence using HTML, JavaScript, WebXR, WebAssembly, WebGPU, and Shader Language.
  • Smart Contract
    We build and deploy security to make the project run efficiently. Developers integrate smart contracts to make transactions permissionless and transparent.
  • Wallets
    The digital secure approach of payment is integrated for the convenient method of paying for users. The new age gateways and wallets empowers the solution.
  • Maintenance, Support and Upgrade
    The project got scrutinized at every level of deployment. The delivery of the project gets you timely maintenance and upgrade along with the 24/7 support.
Grey MatterZ

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