Too Real to be Virtual

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An Era of Ultimate Immersive Reality

We stepped into the development and delivery of fully immersive reality to give users, out of this world experience. For realistic, engaging & completely satisfying experiences, virtual reality is setting up the standards.

Device Compatibility



VR Headset

Our goal is a seamless immersion irrespective of devices, activities & industry.

How We Make It a Reality

Visual Quality

The team works on the pixel, resolution, and frame rate. It helped in keeping up with the expected quality of the visuals. It has improved the color accuracy and contrast which will provide a better virtual reality experience.

Intuitive Interaction

For intuitive interaction, it is necessary to stimulate all the senses of users. It offers them an immersive experience that will give them realistic experience. For this, our developers pay attention to two factors that are natural user interface and contextual interaction.

Our Experts Approach

For a fully immersive reality, our developers and artists performed the following tasks:

  • Created a Virtual reality scenario for the real world people to have their kinematic data.
  • Adjusted the pattern of subjects.
  • Synchronized the gait trajectory with real-life subject patterns.

What We Offer

Surrounding Continuity

It will create the continuity of an environment similar to the real surrounding. This will enhance the experience of users.

Human Vision Compatibility

Artists work on size correction and appropriation. In addition to this, experts will make sure to ensure the motion parallax for the change of both object and perspective.

Free Movement

We make sure the user gets free space allowing them to move freely. For achieving respective capacity, our team integrates the room-scale VR along with hardware.

Physical Interaction

We make the real-world interaction with objects a virtual world thing. It will give users a feel of pushing, pulling holding, or picking up objects

Physical Feedback

The team works on giving users an experience to feel every virtual world object. To make the virtual world rea- like our developers, work closely on stimulating senses.

3D Audio

Our work includes the natural positioning of sounds replication. This will help the users to identify their position, placed object, and the environment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our approach is system-driven and custom specialization. We put efforts in the development of fully immersive virtual reality by designing the extreme requirements.
  • We work for a heterogeneous computing solution that will be optimized for end-to-end VR.
  • We provide the solution that drives impressive results keeping up the compatibility with various types of devices.

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