Let Your Brand Speak for Itself with Animation

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Grey MatterZ

It’s time to up your brand game with a creative approach. Give your audiences something nice to say about you before your representative walks-in.

Grey MatterZ team brings their creative ideas, skills, and tools on table to curate the animated content leaving a long lasting impression.

Our Brand Animation Service Offers

Video Codec
HD and 4K

Animation is for creating a


Tools We Used for Brand Animation

Our Brand Animation Includes

Logo Animation

Brand Mascot Animation

Brand Product Animation

Brand Redesigning

Brand Development

Benefits You Enjoy Choosing Brand Animation for Your Business

  • When the attention span of humans is getting reduced day by day the brand animation comes to the rescue. Having a storyline to convey about what your brand has to say will not only keep the consumers engaged but also leave them with your name to remember for a long…
  • Customers are more receptive to motion pictures and stories, so give them a reason to hook with your label. Rather than giving them stats to read, give them animated videos for their better understanding.
  • Animated videos are descriptive that helps you in answering all WHs which saves you from the bombardment of queries regarding your product and solutions.

We take care of all the industry formats to keep your promotion hustle free.

  • 72-300dpi
  • Vector
  • Photoshop file (.PSD)

Why Choose Us?

  • We have delivered brand oriented animation videos for top brands.
  • Animators of ours have a good understanding of tones, style, details for animation video.

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