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Augmented reality is gaining fast-paced popularity among users and the market. The AR is giving reasons to businesses to have a strong foothold in the competitive commercial space. With the help of AR, companies are achieving the aim of providing ease to their consumers to make the decision of buying their respective products. This technology is helping both brands and customers to skip tedious methods involved while buying articles. It is assisting users in perceiving things for final buy or availing services.

This advanced technology is making marketing and advertising campaigns successful. For this, the industry leaders are taking help from the reputed augmented reality company. With Grey MatterZ let’s bring the change to your business.

Grey MatterZ

Grey MatterZ AR Services

AR Game Development

With an experienced AR team we develop games that can be played in the real world with virtual characters. The development of any type of game is performed using advanced tools that help in crafting the engaging AR game.

Web Based AR

Our solution is not limited to devices. We provide web-based AR development solutions which are piquing the interests of many E-commerce businesses. With Web-based AR, we are providing customer-centric solutions.

Marker Based AR

Marker-based AR is useful in marketing, engaging, and informing consumers about products. The solution lets your consumer simply place the camera and get the details. Make it a part of your business to gain the trust and loyalty of your potential and permanent customers.

Marker Less

Marker less AR by Grey MatterZ for your hospitality business. Our solution saves the hassle for your visitors and gives them your details according to their preferred location. Take the advantage to find your customers and lure them with interesting offers.

Superimposition AR

Let’s complete the incomplete object with superimposition AR. From fun to furniture, it either replaces fully or partially to get the final impression. With the team proficient in tools and techniques we provide the solution to give your customers the best of industry experience

The IKEA store is making most of the VR by providing the virtual space to design virtual reality products to own space the way you want.

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Projection Based AR

With the projection-based AR, let’s complete the incomplete space with your favorite product. Our team makes sure to provide a seamless technology-driven solution helping consumers to choose the article by placing it at their favorite spot for the final buy.

Industry We Serve with Our Augmented Reality Development

Every industry is utilizing AR technology to leverage its potential. The decisions regarding the buying and availing of products and services respectively depend on consumers' experiences. Grey MatterZ, understanding the value of customers’ encounters with the brand products, provides their AR solution for every niche industry.

Benefits You Enjoy Choosing Us for Your Augmented Reality Development Services

Detection of Scene

With us, you will be having an application that will scan and provide the image taking account of the plan coordinates. It gives a realistic 3-D image to place accordingly and take the decision. Recognition of Image & Objects

Our team covers the aspect of scene understanding for providing augmented images of any 2 or 3D real-life object. It allows the application to be integrated with the text or model screen.

Tracking of Motion

Our solution is in coordination with every type of device. The flexibility in terms of GPS, gyroscope, or accelerometer of our developed AR application allows clients to resize and calibrate according to their requirements. This versatility stands us apart from others.

Light Adjustment

The team's expertise and experience allow the adjustment of light to the 3D models that match up to the real-life scene. Thus, availing of a solution that provides real-world experience for Grey MatterZ professionals would be the right choice.


We create a prototype and also include the MVP for validating and bringing the idea into the real world. It helps in having quick revisions and putting forth the required model or design for developing the solution.


Numbers You Cannot Overlook

$198 Billion

The expected worth of AR market In 2025


Shoppers believe AR improves buying experience

Tools and Techs

AR Development




Amazon Sumerian


3D Modeling





Image Analysis

Tensor Flow



ML Platforms

Azure Machine Learning

Google Cloud AI Platform

Amazon SageMaker

Why Choose Us?

  • Our technical team is proficient with ARCore and ARKit to develop and deploy the project for easy utility by the consumers.
  • To meet the quality standard our professionals take the holistic approach that includes 360-degree software testing, inclusive of automation.
  • Grey MatterZ takes security factors into primary consideration. The AR software development solutions are incorporated with the data security & protection of the highest order.

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