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What you are telling someone does not matter. How you tell it makes the difference.

Brands become recognizable by narrating a story. It helps in catching the audience's attention and also increases the probability of converting potential consumers into permanent customers. To bring the dream or vision into the reality VFX comes into the picture. Grey MatterZ knows the importance of putting forth the best visual in front of the viewers. Hence, we have professionals that handle content, advertisement and creation of the art.

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VFX Compositing

3D Animation

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After Effects

Our experts use the AFTER EFFECTS for creating captivating and diverse looking menus. It helps in engaging the users and stay ahead in the market. The artist leveraging this software offers business what they require from their final video. With it the removal or addition of a particular object becomes easy. Furthermore, the dynamic movement addition makes the video more engaging.

What We Have to Offer for You



Look What Our Art Department has For You to Offer

Grey MatterZ team brings the intricate and awesome work for you to put up in front of your audience to have their undivided attention. To get the dream world for your brand, get the artistic team for you.

Key Frame and Mock Up

Big or small, vast or miniscule we with our team help in creating and designing the world that you envisioned.

Vehicles and Hard Service

We save your hustle to have the intrigue vehicles and hard surface material. Our team designs and creates out of the box and interesting models.

Creatures and Characters

For the unique and fantastic looking creature our team put their effort in brainstorming and creating surreal creatures.

Matte Painting

To blend the art into a scene we provide the artwork to make it look real and ease your requirement of seamlessly looking scenes.

Our Specialization

Creature :





Environment :

sci-fi world

fantasy world

futuristic city

alien landscapes

FX-Simulation :

create conjuring moments using the FX pipeline

Tools and Techs

Adobe VFX




Why Choose Grey MatterZ for Game Visual Effects Services

  • We are ISO 27001:2013 certified and TPN accredited.
  • Experts have hands-on experience in lightning, editing, after-effects and also with the advanced designing tools.

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