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An Introduction to the World of Virtual Reality

A type of reality when we first stepped into the virtual world unknowingly. Making an impact on the larger audience, non immersive virtual reality never failed to impress businesses in terms of revenue generation. The gaming industry selling their 3D simulated environment video games are making most for their investments. Give your users a character and control with the Grey MatterZ virtual reality development team to perform all the actions.

Why Do You Need Grey MatterZ Team for Your Non-Immersive Solution

Our Experts Approach

  • The experts create simulated environments with the use of computer technology.
  • The professionals work on graphics and elements superimposition based on GPS data, gyroscope, sensor, and accelerometer.
  • Works on map, data, and images augmentation
  • Experts use agile methodology for the development process.
  • Team also follows a scrum development model to develop the VR video games projects.

What We Offer

  • A document with the requisite details of UI, controls, environment sound and other definite information
  • We work on virtual prototyping creation to provide ideas to make the required modification and deliver the final solution.
  • Our solution is not only limited to single but multiplayers. We offer our users to interact, compete & collaborate on a larger scale. Our developed solution is compatible with scalable networking architecture & different topology of the server.

Our Non- Immersive Solution Compatibility


Video Game Consoles

Input Devices

Why Choose Us?

  • Our expertise has let us have the extended portfolio as a result of continuous yearlong working.
  • We have delivered numerous gaming applications giving our artists hands-on experience on multiple projects.
  • Grey MatterZ works using advanced tools and tech for producing effective and high level of end results.

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