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Waiting for too long to get your product launched in the market is a loss of revenue. For your product concept get the CGI graphics from our developers. Saving time and putting your art, printed media, video games or other assets in front of your users is a key to making your marketing cost effective. For every dynamic or static requirement, we have the best artist to put to work and deliver your project on time.

Grey MatterZ

What We Have to Offer with Our CGI Services


Static Images

Architecture Scenes

Cloth & Skin Images

How We Do It

Team works on producing vector shapes using the 2D pixel-based image editors.

Our artist works on flat triangle to complicated quadrangles, for producing elementary shapes to complex forms

A well versed team of developers work in collaboration for the algorithm for fractal patterns.

Why Choose Our CGI for Your Business

  • For businesses, which are having their project under construction we provide the appealing 3D CGI integrated footage to get the attention of brands consumers. Our work will provide you flexibility in terms of putting enough content across digital platforms.
  • The Grey MatterZ CGI animation service gives flexibility to clients to tailor their project according to their requirements. It includes customization in terms of character and environment.
  • The artists have expertise to work from your concept to capture motion till the final animation.
  • For the fine and premium look our team works using advanced tools which includes pro Photoshop, Autodesk 3D Max, Maya, Maxwell.

What We Have to Offer with Our CGI Services

We follow the process strictly to not let our clients compromise with the quality


Tools & Technologies

Adobe After Effects



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