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Grey MatterZ

With 3D animation, your business has the edge over your competitors. Conveying your business work and message becomes the easiest with respective services and saves time and cost.

Grey MatterZ animators make the best use of tools and tech for delivering out-of-the-box animated videos. We understand your work, engineer your concept, write scripts, and do sketches to give life to the imagination.


Before giving life to your model we build a rig, do sculpting and create mesh using high-end software which includes Max, Maya, and Blender.


From lighting to compositing, background creation to conceptualization our artists take care of all. We specialize in Lightwave 3D, Cinema 4D, and Autodesk Maya


Scanline, Ray tracing, and Radiosity we apply every technique to deliver the final 3D animated video in the uncompromised quality.

Benefits Your Business will Enjoy

Viewers' Engagement

The topmost benefit of 3D animation is it appeals to viewers. Get the attention by presenting the most realistic effects making every scene attractive and eye-catching.


Save the production expenses by investing in the best team for producing and delivering 3D animated videos for your project.

Uncompromised Quality

Give your viewers the best quality for gameplay, advertisement, and company promotion when compared to 2D videos and movies.

Unmatchable Branding

Believe it or not the most effective tactic for promoting a business is delivering the right message in the most creative way. With 3D animated videos you will reach a larger audience the fastest way. A great storyline and high-definition quality build the reputation for lasting long years.

Motion Communication

To convey your business message to viewers in the best way possible 3D animation is to be relied on. It gives uniqueness and amplifies the brand goodwill which is important to tell the viewers for building trust.


Application of 3D Animation

How We Work for Your 3D Project

Story Writing

We have our scriptwriters to understand your vision and write the story to convey the message of your business to your potential consumers.


According to the requirement, the team will work together for the individual scenes in coordination with the clients for timely approval . This speeds up the process of completion and delivery of the project.


We provide the option to pick according to the clients’ project needs. From numerous options in male and female voices respective to country, accent, tone or words & phrases pronunciation you can make the choice.

Video Animation

Integrating all three components scripts, storyboard and voiceover, we provide the world class 3D animation video to bring difference in your promotion.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our team has designed characters and delivered captivating animation videos.
  • We own both licensed and free tools for quality animated video production.
  • The experts also offer project ideas to clients making their task easy to have a vision on how their project will look.

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