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For having a virtual reality solution, you need a real-time solution provider. Grey MatterZ's team of revolutionary reality cores is assisting to develop a VR solution for your industry. From finance to retail, from medical to education, real estate to tourism our innovation gives enterprises a chance for making their business and brand big. Introducing your clients with your product and services with a twist of enchanting reality will stand you out from your competitors.

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How We Can Help You with Your Business

VR in Game Development

When it comes to game development we focus on good modeling of characters and better resolution of graphics. The audience will be enjoying the world-level tournaments and meet up with their favorite sports stars in virtual. The animation team brings their in-depth knowledge of technologies to the table to discuss requirements and begin the process of VR development for the gaming sector.

Just like Wimbledon and real casinos give your users a chance to be a part of the live action. Many news channels are also giving opportunities to become a part of the opening and closing ceremony.

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VR in Education

The education sector is evolving using extended reality. With virtual reality app development, the student and teacher both effortlessly can focus on the training and instruction part. It makes the learning, feedback, and parents, students & teachers' engagement easy, bridging the infrastructural gap for better comprehension.

Bank of America and one of the retail leaders Walmart have started training their employees with VR solutions. Let’s not stay behind when it comes to e-learning and training.

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VR in Retail

For retail stores, VR helps in gaining financial growth. The enterprises’ solution benefits your consumers by providing them with the experience of being virtually present in the store, trying products, and attending campaigns of brands. This technology is benefiting both consumers and retailers in respect of time and resources.

Let us prepare you for becoming a part of the upcoming metaverse fashion week. Did you know eBay is already having its virtual store?

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VR in Real Estate

Virtual Reality in real estate not only helps consumers but also enterprises. Leveraging the technology employee can be educated and engaged regarding the design, draft, and requirements for proceeding with the work. The buyers using the VR can make good decisions for investing in the property taking design and architecture into consideration.

A 3D camera makes it easy for your business to create realistic images of the property or building to make a sale.

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VR in E-commerce

VR in E-commerce benefits in retaining consumers, improving conversion, and intensifying the experience for customer support. Using virtual reality helps in having an immersive experience of shopping for consumers and carrying out businesses as well. Let your consumers pick and try out jewelry, clothes, or other products to make a buying decision.

The IKEA store is making most of the VR by providing the virtual space to design virtual reality products to own space the way you want.

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VR in Tourism

With virtual reality, the tourism sector can easily provide a 360-degree view. Using the 360 VR video instead of computer-generated imagery the travel industry can show the real destination. The travel agency can also provide the hotel tour and itinerary with landmarks in brief. It will give travelers choices to make the decision for their tour or be at the top of the Eiffel tower.

Travel and tour leaders such as Thomas Cook are providing the popular tourist destination VR guided tours.

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VR in Healthcare

From surgical training to planning and medical device marketing or physical therapy, the implementation of virtual reality makes it all easy. Leveraging the technology, providing virtual assistants for post-treatment exercises becomes convenient for both patients and therapists. This would help in mapping the real-time progress and guiding them through rehabilitation exercises.

Furthermore, the treatment of mental health issues seemingly with virtual reality exposure therapy proving to be effective.

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VR in Art and Design

Virtual reality is pushing the limit of creativity. Using VR, an artist can actually create life-size artwork. Further, they are also allowed to be a part of it by stepping into it. With applications and tools, it offers flexibility to draw, sculpt or create 3D models along with the animation.

Artists like Cecil B Evans are embracing digital artwork and creating animated videos, virtual characters, and a fantastic universe.

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VR in News and Journalism

What’s better than listening to the news? Experiencing the same. The news and media are pushing their limits and offering experiences to their viewers to be present at the place of the story. Watching the news, stories and documentaries are becoming interesting with VR.

The Guardian, Huffington Post, and NY Times are using 360-degree videos for reporting, creating engaging stories, and letting the audience enter the recreated scenes.

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Benefits of Implementing VR in Your Business

In these years, virtual reality has advanced and provided industries opportunities to push their limits. For every type of industry including small, medium and large virtual reality solutions are allowing their consumers to have personal level experiences with respective products and services. With VR …

  • An immersive environment offering opportunities for making marketing strategies.
  • Allows enterprises to establish long term relationships with their customers as they have flexibility to try the business products.
  • Provide the quality in graphic rendering making the end result appealing to eyes.
  • Food and game sectors can have their products on app stores which will expand their customer base.
  • The development of applications based on the simulation and also the different gaming apps become ideal.

Numbers Don’t Lie

75.7 %

VR users have been increased from 2018 to 2022.

$209.2 billion

is the growth estimation of the AR & VR market.


of VR users will increase next year.

Tools and Technology




Google Cardbox



VR Engine



Amazon Sumerian

3D Modeling


Autodesk 3DS Max



Simulation Modeling



Backend Programming Language










Google Cloud

Cloud Databases, Warehouse and Storage

AWS - Amazon S3






Azure - Data Lake

Blob Storage

Cosmos DB

SQL Database

Synapse analyticS



Google Cloud Platform - GoogleCloudSQL

Google Cloud Datastore

Front end









Our VR Development Service


To begin with the VR solution development, our team put efforts in analyzing the need and technical requirement. Furthermore, the budget is considered for putting up the plan on the table.

Architectural Design

The professionals plan the architecture that is comprehensive of high performance, scalability or configurability. Preparing the blueprint and its approval will help in proceeding with the next step.

3D Modeling

Our artist works on visuals that are highly realistics and engaging. The artwork is created using advanced tools such as Maya, blender and animation software.

VR Software Development

With the help of the software & tools that includes Oculus, Unity, MAX, Unreal Engine, or more the delivering of solutions enhances users experience. We also integrate the motion tracking, vision tech , interactive sounds for the high load VR process.


We have the team for running tests to make sure the end solution does not have any error and uninterruptedly perform at any platform. For this the team performs tests, manual and automation testing along with the documentation.

Software Integration

Our Software integration includes tools that are inclusives of CMS, EHR, CRM, LMS and other advanced applications.

Support and Evaluation

Our team is constantly involved in providing the support and doing the evaluation. For the competitive market the routine inspection is strategized for evolving the VR application.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our illustrators and animators are well versed with Adobe After Effects for delivering the motion graphic animation on time.
  • The team makes sure to deliver the result in MP4 formats. On a request, we provide (AEP) and MOV file format.

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