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Corporate Animation

For a business, it is important to make a professional mark. With a corporate video, it becomes easy to get the audience's attention. Believe the statistics which state that more than 90% of people prefer to watch videos and approximately 40% decide on buying business’ related products and services.

Grey MatterZ team helps you with professional looking high-quality videos. We add elements that include a storyline to market your name in the industry.

We Focus On...

Improving the return on your investment with our marketing videos

Providing insight about your enterprises for customers’ easy understanding

Our Services

Logo Animation

The logo is the identity of a company. We animate the logo to give recognition to your brand and make it an asset for you. This will help your consumers in recognizing the business and its respective products and services. It will unveil your vision and stand you out from the crowd.

Website Demo

Our team prepares the explainer video which is a composition of website demo screen capturing, voice or music, or brand mascot. For a short introduction about your brand, this solution is worthy to avail and also helps in making good deals.

Product Demonstration

Customers will prefer watching products rather than reading or listening about them. The corporate product demonstration provides details about features, and specifications with a storyline. Use our product demonstration corporate animated video over any platform.

Motion Graphic

Our artists provide 2D and vector animation that is overlaid with music and voiceover. To make the animated video engaging the team also put up the character and text elements. Such motion graphics can easily be used for commercial purposes.

Why You Need Corporate Animation Video

  • It helps both B2C and B2B businesses to produce great results.
  • For improved conversion rate for your investments
  • Build awareness for brand and instill trust

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