Let’s Take NFT to Another Level with Animation

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The digital world is evolving every day with emerging trends. Even NFTs could no longer remain untouched by advancement. The craze for NFT had led it to evolve from images to animated or motioned NFTs.

The NFT ranges from quirky cartoons to simple images. In recent years collectors are investing a good sum of money in static NFTs, moreover animated NFTs. Let’s give them more reasons to invest with animated or GIF NFTs.

Remember that Lebron James moment!

What is NFT

For those who do not know much about it, NFTs are non-fungible tokens that are unique and cannot be replaced. They come with the flexibility to even copy the files from the internet and sell that digital asset making millions.

The catch is it needs to be original, not a copied image. For it there are the codes much like the signature of an owner, putting up which makes the asset unique.

Thinking How Animation Can Help!

There is no limitation on NFTs to be a still image. With time, videos, animated images, or gifs are becoming the latest edition to add to the portfolio. For this, the Grey MatterZ brings the animation into the picture.

For every industry, the NFT animation is an ad-on avenue for exploring the possibilities of growth and ROI. And, our team understands the importance of the respective, providing NFT animated service to businesses to market themselves in every field.

What Do We offer?

Our solution includes the animation for your selected images. We add motion and movement to your brand character, art, and visual images.

You can also expect more….

2D Art

We make designs exclusive, leveraging every detailed tool, technique, and method. Tell your brief and goal we will deliver the art to make it happen.

3D Art

Our 3D NFT art service is majorly for the gaming metaverse world. We provide fine artwork for presenting the world-class model.


Get special attention from your audiences with our designed and developed animated NFTs. Our artists level up by applying styles and complexities to grab the eyeballs.

Benefits of Animated NFT

  • Exclusiveness

    The addition of motion to NFT adds the aspect of exclusiveness to the asset. It brings an assurance of it being an identical one in the market.

  • Secure

    Animated NFTs over blockchain will guarantee the prevention of alteration and breach. They are the assets over a decentralized network that keeps their identity intact

  • Interoperable

    There is flexibility to use the animated NFTs over different platforms of blockchain irrespective of games. In the expansion of the gaming metaverse, these can be used by all and every game.

Why Choose Us?

  • Grey MatterZ takes the creative process seriously. From project brief to creation to quality analysis and delivery we have a team-specific team to work with.
  • Our work includes the NDA agreement for keeping the project secure and material confidential. Professionals are trained and well-versed with the protocol of the NFT standards. They also hold expertise in ethereum.

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