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In an era when numbers speak about success, it is important to present these figures for making a long-lasting impact. Putting up digits plainly in front of audiences will not make them remember your business or brand. Give complex data some motions and animation, you will become consumers’ choice.

What We Offer

Social Media Infographic Video

Not undermining the impact of social media on consumers these days, we put the effort into creating the social media infographic video. Our artists weave the post idea with numbers in order to market your product along with providing the details of its popularity among buyers.

Presentation Infographic Video

Don’t provide a boring presentation to your viewers. To leave an impression by presenting their numbers with a storyline will yield the desired results. It will also ease the comprehension regarding their product and benefits to leverage for their good.

How We Do It

Connect - Connecting with you over a call provides us with your brief and our team will know about your brand, goal, CTA and preferences to begin and generate ideas.

Curate - With the team of writers, the right material, documents and references will be generated. After the multiple proofreading, when the script is approved the further process will start.

Create - For visual delight the sketches, models, and required images will be prepared, to give the idea a life.

Illustrate - Our in-house illustrator will animate the concept. The graphics, illustration and asset will provide the animated video for review and edits.

Edit - The final edit will consist of sequencing, effects of music and sound or voice over if required. Keeping everything in sync the video is rendered out.

Why Choose Grey MatterZ for Your Infographic Animated Video

Going against the traditional way is not easy but when you hand the task to professionals it becomes a piece of cake. With a professional infographic animation team, translating your views and numbers into the form of animations becomes seamless. Till now we consistently have delivered a number of videos for different industries including finance, healthcare, education, supply chain, and more. What stands us out!

Technical Specialities

Our professionals are skilled and proficient with advanced adobe tools. With hands-on experience, we will deliver the project on time. Their expertise and experience will also eliminate the multiple revisions that will speed up the process of putting video live on platforms.

Budgeted Video

We have a pricing package that gives consumers the choice to select according to their needs with respect to length, character integration, or storylining. We also offer options to choose formats for different platform uploads.


We offer our solution for product and service explanation, business development and recruitment, training and corporate videos, education, and entertainment. For having a versatile video choosing our artistic team will not bring you disappointment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Grey MatterZ takes the creative process seriously. From project brief to creation to quality analysis and delivery we have a team-specific team to work with.
  • Our work includes the NDA agreement for keeping the project secure and material confidential. Professionals are trained and well-versed with the protocol of the NFT standards. They also hold expertise in ethereum.

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