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Social Media is booming and competing with magazines and TV channels. It has given an easy and quick medium to communicate with audiences.

It is now no secret that good content is key to having a strong presence over the internet. In addition to this, a good animated video on every platform including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram gives your business an edge over others.

Do not struggle with ideas and ways to put up the best-animated video, up in front of all, talk to us. Our work will cut through the noise to gain attention.



  • Gets the Attention
  • Brand Recognition
  • Economical than video production
  • Suitable for every segment of the market

Our Social Media Animated Videos are

  • Short
  • To the point
  • Engaging
  • Call to Act

We Offer


Thinking of campaigning? Let’s roll the videos one by one. We make sure for every holiday or special occasion the next series of animated clips have the element or character for the customers to follow. The secret of successful series is the common theme, style, design, color palettes, and much more.

Corporate Event

Events are fun and memorable. Getting attention from followers and employees for humbly telling about your growth and progress is worth having. Our corporate animated video includes an advertisement of employee and respective family gets together, team building activities, on new employee or heads’ introduction.

Animated Posters

Do not post that dull poster, amp it up with the animation. The dynamic image and text will make a difference not only on your social media page but also will give you a good email to send. Spread a message with creativity over the network.

How We Do It

Understand Your Audience

We take a closer look at your product consumers to craft and curate the video such that it won’t go unnoticed. For us, it’s important to get their response.

We Test Everything

To make it successful we unapologetically think over the concepts, colors, styles, and themes.

We Add Emotions

Evoking emotions does half the work for a brand. Professionals of Grey MatterZ make sure to bring it up in front of viewers to keep them connected and persuade them to like, share and watch.

Keep it Simple

By simple, we do not mean compromising with the message and quality but keeping it short. The idea behind this is to hold the audience and keep away the distraction.

Optimize Perfectly

We work not only to give you a creative video to watch but also to rank. From taking care of alt tags, meta description, description, and more we won't leave any stone unturned.

Follow the Custom

Every social media platform accepts a different format. Our team makes sure to deliver it accordingly to get the maximum views.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer packages and plans for our customers to choose from and keep their animation advertisements budget-friendly.
  • Our team has successfully delivered a video for recognized brands.
  • Our animated videos have witnessed drastic changes in the sales figure for businesses.

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