Compositing: Making Images to Work Togethe

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For layer blending, masking, and blending modes Grey MatterZ is a one-stop solution provider for your compositing needs. Our team of experienced artists uses advanced techniques for combining all elements to get the final image. We excel in making realistic scenes realistic adding every piece of the puzzle which includes animator work, videography, and special effects.

Grey MatterZ

What We Have to Offer with Our CGI Services

VFX Compositing

3D Animation

Why You Need Compositing Service

Saves the long hours which get consumed in the rendering of modeled and exported images.

Offers flexibility to change the slightest element in the image. It is advantageous in saving time consumption and costs.

Easy to apply light effects on multiple scenes in a single frame for bringing the shots alive in less time.

Why Choose Us for Your Compositing Requirements

  • The team has expertise in offering plate stitching, paint fixing, rotoscoping, and image graining and degraining.
  • Artists have hands-on experience in Nuke for stereo and anamorphic compositing.
  • Grey MatterZ VFX team work on technical requirements with their comprehensive understanding of the visual effects pipeline

How We Work on the Compositing

  • Image parts selection
  • Material replacement
  • Software integration for color defining
  • Pixel replacement for designated colors
  • Final image delivery

Tools & Technologies

Adobe After Effects

Vegas Pro


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