Style Your Place in Your Way with AR

Augmented Reality is helping the decor business in growing by millions. In the coming year the accessibility to AR will allow businesses to expand their potential in terms of customer services. Our project for one of the recognized names in the decor pushed us towards 5 phases of thinking (research, analysis, ideation, prototyping & testing).

Our team worked for two platforms iOS and Android. The application is developed and designed for users to check out the furniture and decor articles for their space. The purpose is to provide the idea about their personal preferences in terms of furnishing.

Functionality :

  • Visualize product
  • Arrange items according to choice

Challenge :

  • While developing the solution, the developers faced following issues:
  • Resizing of the objects according to space.
  • Coordination of the XYZ plane for interpreting the image positioning using the device lens.
  • Adjustment of the lightning conditions on both model and screen for accuracy.
  • Easy adjustment of models in respect to Zoom In, Zoom Out and Angle Views.

Solution and Approach :

  • For the resizing issue the developer integrated the AR ruler that is a virtual measuring tool to adjust the scene after capturing the image for precision.
  • Integrated the virtual lightning feature to test the items positioned in different areas of the places
  • Team also worked on the library to add different plans and design templates for distinct rooms.

Tools, Tech & Techniques

  • Blender
  • PS
  • ARCore
  • Unity
  • Amazon Sumerian
  • Swift
  • Spark AR Studio
  • ARKit