Making Industrial training easy with VR

Virtual reality is bringing an opportunity for every sector. Training and learning institutes can leverage the virtual reality interactive solution for both learners and trainers. The implementation of advanced technology in educational programs allows the immersive presentation to improve comprehension. This helps in doing the discussion over every intricate and critical component involved in the machinery that otherwise becomes difficult to look through and do the assessment.

The Grey MatterZ, VR training solution is offering the simulated environment to the training institute or industry. Integration of it helps learners to virtually visit the location and also interact with the unit.

Virtual Training Solution Target Audience :

  • Students
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers
  • Technical Support Personnel
  • Trainees

How It Works

The VR training module allows the trainer to use hand gestures or allows them to implement actions. The set of actions triggers the predetermined operation.

With VR, all dimensions provide better visualization improving the apprehension of machine components.

Tools, Tech & Techniques:

  • Blender
  • Unity
  • Oculus

Development Duration :

2 weeks