Bot for Flash Loan Arbitrage on Kyber & Uniswap

Shuffling between platforms to find the good DAI value for your 1 ETH?

A profitable arbitrage trade is when you can analyze the same asset which conventionally has different prices on a distinct platform. The Grey MatterZ blockchain development team took this problem as an opportunity to resolve the respective issue.

Mitigating the risk of losing your investments, our solution focuses on 2 exchanges namely, Kyber and Uniswap. It will allow the trader to be involved in commerce of the ERC 20 and ETH tokens.


  • The primary problem was to make the native currency and ERC 20 tokens compatible for trading over different networks. This issue was occurring due to the deployment of distinct smart contracts over distinctive networks.
  • Secondly, while performing the test for deployment of the tool, the testnet exerts a limit over the token transfer.
  • Thirdly, to remove the discrepancy of the gas fee involved in the transactions over multiple networks.

Solution & Approach

  • The major issue was resolved by using the technique forking. We interconnected the main network to the local network & tried performing the procedure for testing the transaction.
  • For another major problem the developers manipulated the network address. The network masking helped in concealing the complexity and covering up addresses of networks.
  • Lastly, to balance out the gas fee we manually optimized tha charges for testing the trading.

Tools, Tech & Techniques

  • Solidity
  • JS
  • Truffle
  • Ganache
  • Node.JS
  • Kyber
  • Infura
  • Ethereum Blockchain
  • OpenZepplin
  • dydx

Development Duration :

4 Weeks of development, deployment and testing